All The Things (by Year)


The Ice Dragon

Pascha Cheese Recipe


Is Jesus human, or male?


On 'This Year's Election': A response regarding Fr. Reardon

The Virtuous 'Straw-Man'

Is Feminism Hatred?

Holding Salvation

Gender, Ordination and Same-sex relationships: An unavoidable association?

Humility or Humiliation?

Oh the evil West

Our Sympathetic Mother

The 'Saint's Test'


Performing the Liturgy

Intertextual Evdokimov

WDL 6: Sr. Cecelia Harvey, Sermon for Saturday Matins

WDL 7.3: (Almost everything but) Women in Worship

WDL 9: Reflections of a 'dedicated listener'

WDL 7.2: Jenny Mosher, 'Women, Children and Theology'

WDL 7.1: Carrie Frederick Frost, 'A Theological Vision of Motherhood'

WDL 6: Women in real, live, ministry

WDL 5.5: The Diaconate

WDL 5: A surprising turn of conversation...

WDL 4: Detachment from what?

WDL 3: Juliana Schmemann, Adventurous Women, and Motherhood

WDL 2: Who belongs?

WDL 1: Blogging 'Women Disciples of the Lord'

WDL beta: 'Women Disciples of the Lord' - Conference and Questions

According to the Need of Each

From woman also came the best

A Sad Divide

Kiss of Peace, Part 2

Kiss of Peace, Part 1


The Presentation

The 'Monopoly of Darwinisn': an open letter to Met. Hilarion Alfeyev

Response to Linsley on 'Why Women Were Never Priests'

Cult of Personality

Praying Aloud

Beloved Let Us

Sunday of the Myrrhbearing Women

Why can't you be satisfied?

Virtuous Icons: Unique Persons or Gendered Stereotypes


So I will know my people's plight

A Paucity of Imagination

The Change We Seek

Conservative Feminism?

I am so sorry

Perception vs. Reality: A Rant

Talking Right, Stumbling Left

Dancing before God

Sr. Katrina - Memory Eternal

The Transfiguration

Wanderings and Wonderings About Women and Walls

But I am a woman...


Poem: Phillip Lopate

Hauerwas on Liturgy: Take 2

Quote: Hauerwas on Liturgy

A Rueful Observation

A Radical Mother's Day

Visual Metaphors: Shut Out

On 'Private' property

The Mother of the Bridegroom

Biblicalia on the "Two Septuagints"

Suffering, Love, and Human Rights

Juror 006427

Flowers that love us back

Certainty of God

The Unity of Virtue

Intro to 'Metaphorical Virtues and enGendered Presbyters'

God is Unfair

Medical Calvinism

The Canaanite Woman: Exclusion or Mercy

Luke Timothy Johnson on 1 Tim 2:8-15

Nicholas Afanasiev, Gifts, and Ordination

Zizioulas: Personhood as Gift

Zizioulas : Ethical Apophaticism

Theophany, Subsidiarity and the EPA


Remember the Neediest

Liturgical Ethics 1

Garvey on Certainty


Unction and the Invitation of God

Purity & HIV/AIDS

Body & Worship