Published: Mar 22, 2005 by Maria Gwyn McDowell

Today is the first day of spring, the second tuesday of lent or perhaps the entrance into Holy Week (depending on your geography), and a beautiful but chilly day in Boston. So much for spring.

Today, I am a graduate student in theological ethics at Boston College, officially ABD! I am also vaguely ADD, which is why I am introducing myself to myself in a blog, rather than cranking out the proposal, or hanging out with friends. Actually, given the season, everyone is about to scatter to celebrate the season with friends and family. The nice thing about BC is that it grants an Easter break. The bummer is that it is not my Easter. Pascha this year falls somewhere at the end of eternity, otherwise known as April. At least by then, spring will arrive and the resurrection will be mirrored in the fecundity and renewal of nature, at least to my flower-starved eyes.

As already hinted at, today I am also a member of the Eastern Orthodox Church, specifically, St. Mary Antiochian Orthodox Church in Cambridge, MA. Who knows what tomorrow will bring, but today I am delighted and relieved to be a part of an ethnically and generationally diverse, english-speaking, vibrant congregation. A rarity in my experience of Orthodoxy.

Enough for today.