Medical Calvinism

Medical Calvinism

Published: Feb 21, 2008 by Maria Gwyn McDowell

I can't take credit for finding "Mythbusting Canadian Health Care -- Part I", but I think it is a MUST READ. I am looking foward to Part II. It was first brought to my attention on Elizabeth's blog, who found it on her friend Monica's blog. I have always been frustrated by the "but-socialized-healthcare-would-be-awful-after-all-look-at-Canada" argument, especially since I have never met a SINGLE Canadian who says this, or who would trade their social benefits for all those lovely things I get as a citizen of this grand and powerful nation. The best quote (well, one of many worthy quotables, but which explains my choice of title):

[quote=Sara Robinson] The philosophical basis of America’s privatized health care system might best be characterized as medical Calvinism. It’s fascinating to watch well-educated secularists who recoil at the Protestant obsession with personal virtue, prosperity as a cardinal sign of election by God, and total responsibility for one’s own salvation turn into fire-eyed, moralizing True Believers when it comes to the subject of Taking Responsibility For One’s Own Health.[/quote]

And finally, a useful link to Fresh Air's interview of our current Candidate' Prescriptions.