About Dei Profundis.org:

This blog is all about questions. Questions about our life in and from God, the practices that form or misform that life, the theology and ethical perspectives that undergird, or destroy, such a life. This is a forum for engaging discussion and constructive critique.

About the name "Dei Profundis":

"De Profundis" is the Latin opening to Psalm 130, "Out of the depths I cry to you Oh Lord," an oft repeated Lenten refrain. "Dei" is Latin for "of God." So, "dei profundis" is a neologism that translates to something like "out of the depths of God" or "out of God from the depths," or whatever spin you want to give it. I considered "Εκ Βαθεον" but we in the West don't do so well with Greek. And alas, "deprofundis" was taken, by the Hungarian T-Mobile and a WOW guild. Go figure.

About Maria Gwyn McDowell ('mariagwyn'):

I currently reside in my hometown of Portland, Oregon, my preferred location after living in Los Angeles, Iowa, Los Angeles, and Boston. In that order. I have an enduring love for tall pine trees, drizzle, and flowers in March. I am joyfully married to Elizabeth, who I met in the land of dripping evergreen and flowering spring. I have designed drupal web-sites off and on for years, and currently work for Acquia.

However, one of my by greatest loves has always been for the fraught life of the Church. In addition to an M.Div from Fuller Seminary, I have a Ph.D in theology and ethics from Boston College. I defended my dissertation in 2010, "The Joy of Enacted Virtue: Toward the Ordination of Women to the Eastern Orthodox Priesthood." In case it is not clear from the postings on this site, I am an advocate of constructive arguments for the full participation of women, 'the gays', and generally non-cis-gender-conforming persons in the life of the Church.

In the interest of full disclosure, and for the benefit of all who like to know what box in which to put me, I am a Christian. I am quite progressive in my social perspective, and hold some perhaps surprisingly traditional theological views. I adore doctrine, though some may find my definition of it less rule-bound than that word currently seems to signify. I am a white North-American woman, a feminist and a student of liberation theologies. Up until 2012, I thought I would remain a life-long member (read: baptized as a tiny-weeny child) of the Eastern Orthodox Church (first OCA, then AOA, then GOA). I am now a grateful communicant in The Episcopal Church and a postulant for ordination to the priesthood. I would say that I am an Orthodox Anglican, or an Anglican Orthodox, but neither of those communions will have me. C'est la ekklesia!

To see more of my academic profile, please visit my academia.edu page. I may or may not have more info and links at mariagywn.com.