When I watched God's Country I was not horrified at them, I was horrified that my faith, my religion, my God, could be twisted to ends that seemed to me to be at cross purposes with my vision for the common good into which we are all called to participate. I was horrified at what they revealed about the place and home that I love. Worse, their desire to exclude non-Aryans (by their geographically and nationally incorrect definition of the term) from their white paradise was reflected in the theology of exclusion practiced by so many Christians: we are confident that God is with us (based on our 'right belief', right prayer, right practice, right morals), and not with you. more ››
Perhaps deification is a way to think about this, an O/orthodox metaphor that enables us to live into the humble realization that both individually and corporately we are growing into God, and that we need a grown up theology to match a grown up God. This is not a marker of our failure, but rather, a sign of trust in a God who is always with us, who is always calling us forth into greater love, the only criteria of any import, the only criteria by which we will be known. more ››