This is, as the title indicates, a rant. A long rant. A peevish, ridiculous, adolescent rant. Having clarified the emotional maturity of what follows, let me begin.

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Sr. Katrina, a nun of New Skete, passed away on August 13th after a long struggle with pancreatic cancer. I spent a few brief moments with Sr. Katrina the week before, and had one rather stunning conversation. I went in to speak to her after liturgy on Sunday the 3rd. Two girls visiting New Skete with their family were asked by Br. Stavros to assist during the liturgy. They carried candles in the procession, held a communion cloth. As always, I was both delighted and sad to see them serve.

A (somewhat) funny and scathing open letter by Tim Wise to white women voting for McCain as a protest against the sexist treatment of Hillary Clinton: [quote="Tim Wise"] This is an open letter to those white women who, despite their proclamations of progressivism, and supposedly because of their commitment to feminism, are threatening to withhold support from Barack Obama in November. You know who you are. I know that it's probably a bad time for this.
In Communion recently published a wonderful article by Dr. Demetra Velisarios on women in the church. Here is a snippet, but the whole article is well stated and should be read by all concerned! [quote=Demetra Jaquet]The walls which most need to be pointed out between men and women are primarily the walls of fear, defensiveness and ego which we have built around ourselves, causing us to harm others on a sliding scale from occasional minor offenses to extreme and chronic paralyzing abuse.
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