A woman-centric hymn without reference to sexual sin.  How nice!

In boldness, look to God for help,
like women folk who dared:
To ask that Jesus heal a child,
that crumbs of grace be shared,
that outcast ones be welcomed
to the feast that God has prepared.

In boldness, lean on God for strength, 
and healing from disease,
of mind and body, hard and ill
whose bondage Jesus frees.
Reach out and touch the hem of Christ,
and gather spirit's ease.

In boldness, learn of God the truth
of Mary's better part:
by fear and censure undeterred,
determined in her heart
to kneel at Jesus' feet and learn
the wisdom he imparts.

In boldness, love, nor count the cost.
Confront the world's harsh stare:
like one who washed the feet of Christ,
and wiped them with her hair,
poured perfume to anoint her Lord,
and left love's fragrance there.

- Mary Louise Bringle
from Joy and Wonder, Love and Longing, 2002 GIA Publications, Inc.